Package org.dbmaintain.maven.plugin

Class Summary
CheckScriptUpdatesMojo Performs a dry run of the database update.
CleanDatabaseMojo Task that removes the data of all database tables.
ClearDatabaseMojo Task that removes all database items like tables, views etc from the database and empties the DBMAINTAIN_SCRIPTS table.
CreateScriptArchiveMojo Task that enables creating a jar file that packages all database update scripts.
DisableConstraintsMojo Task that disables or drops all foreign key and not null constraints.
HelpMojo Display help information on dbmaintain-maven-plugin.
MarkDatabaseAsUpToDateMojo This operation updates the state of the database to indicate that all scripts have been executed, without actually executing them.
MarkErrorScriptPerformedMojo Task that indicates that the failed script was manually performed.
MarkErrorScriptRevertedMojo Task that indicates that the failed script was manually reverted.
ScriptArchiveDependency A scripts-archive maven dependency.
UpdateDatabaseMojo Task that updates the database to the latest version.
UpdateSequencesMojo This operation is also mainly useful for automated testing purposes.

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